THE occupant of the Chair of Mining and Mining Engineering in Glasgow University is second son of the late James Bevan Latham, J.P., and was born at Birkdale, Lancashire, in 1868. After an education at Wigan High School, Rivington Grammar School, Owen's College, Manchester, and the School of Mines at Wigan, he was articled to the Moss Hall Coal Company, Wigan, for a period of five years, and he was afterwards, for two years, assistant general manager of that company. From 1891 to 1893 he was Lecturer on Mining to the Lancashire County Council, and from 1893 to 1902 held the post of Lecturer on Mining to the Nottinghamshire County Council and Director of Mining Instruction in University College, Nottingham. In 1902, on the institution of the Dixon Lectureship on Mining in Glasgow University, he was appointed to the position, and when the lectureship was erected into a Chair of Mining and Mining Engineering in 1907, he became its occupant.
Professor Latham is a member of the Institute of Mining Engineers, and author of many works on mining. His wife is the second daughter of Mr. William White, Nottingham, and he has a family of one daughter. In the intervals of work he enjoys the pastimes of cycling, golf, and angling.

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