BORN and schooled in Glasgow, Mr. John Lochhead began his education in art with the practice of work in stained glass. Afterwards he went to Edinburgh, studied in the antique and statue gallery, and gained admission to the life school of the Royal Scottish Academy. At the end of his four years there, he visited Paris. After living near Stirling for three years, he settled in Glasgow in 1891. He has not only exhibited for years in the Royal Academy, the Royal Scottish Academy, the New Gallery, the Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine arts, etc., but in the New Salon, and at Munich, Prague, Buda-pest, Pittsburg, and Berlin, and he is represented by work in Berlin National Gallery, Prague Fine Art Society, etc.
Among his most important canvases may be mentioned - "By the Banks and the Hedgerows gathering Flowers," "Decking the May Queen," "Evening by the River," "Midst the Silence and the Shade," and "An Autumn Idyll."
Mr. Lochhead married in 1893 the youngest daughter of the late Sir Daniel Macnee, P.R.S.A., by whom he has one son. He has studios both in Glasgow and in West Kilbride, Ayrshire.

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