THE Police Surgeon of the Central Division was born in Glasgow in 1864, and is a son of John A. Lothian, M.D., surgeon to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, who practised in Glasgow for thirty-seven years.
Dr. R. B. Lothian entered Glasgow University in 1884, and graduated four years later. For some time he acted as House Surgeon in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. He afterwards proceeded to London, studying in the North-West London and Golden Square Hospitals. Returning to Glasgow, he engaged in general practice, and in 1896 was appointed by the Corporation to the Surgeonship of the Northern Division of Police. In that position, in the course of six years, over 7,000 cases passed through his hands. In 1902 he was promoted to the Central district as Chief Police Surgeon, and was appointed Lecturer on Ambulance to the whole Police Force and the members of the Fire Brigade. He also holds the appointment of Medical Officer to the Night Asylum and House of Industry. During his eleven years' connection with the Police Force, close on 20,000 cases have been attended by him, and he has acted as medical expert in several murder cases. He has also been present at all the great fires and railway disasters of recent years in the city, and for his services at the St. Enoch Station accident he was presented by the G. & S.-W. Railway Company with a large silver flower bowl. During the visit of H.M. the King, and more recently the Prince and Princess of Wales, he was in charge of the Police and Civil Ambulance arrangements, and he is a holder of the King's Medal, presented by His Majesty to the members of the Police Force on that occasion.
Dr. Lothian takes a very keen interest in the old associations of Glasgow. His retiral from the Old Glasgow Club, of which he was one of the Vice-Presidents, saw the formation of the Provand's Lordship Literary Club, of which he was long Honorary Secretary and, along with Professor James Murphy, Mr. R. H. Arnott, and Mr. Thomas Lugton, one of the Trustees; and he acted as chairman of the Executive Committee, which so successfully carried through, in connection with the club, an Old Glasgow Exhibition, at which the Earl of Rosebery, K.T., was present. The founders of this club have as their object the retaining in perpetuity of Glasgow's oldest house for succeeding generations of Glasgow's citizens.

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