DR. MACINTYRE is a native of Glasgow, born in 1859. He studied at Glasgow University, and graduated Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery with commendation there in 1882. Subsequently he pursued his studies at several Continental schools and hospitals, especially those of Vienna. On his return to Glasgow he received an appointment on the start of the Royal Infirmary, and held several posts, including that of Demonstrator of Anatomy, in the Medical School there. From the first, however, he devoted his attention mainly to diseases of the nose and throat, and he was early appointed Surgeon for these diseases, as well as Consulting Medical Electrician to the Infirmary. Among his other appointments, he is Lecturer on Diseases of the Nose and Throat to Anderson's College Medical School, and Medical Officer to Glasgow Athenaeum School of music. In his consulting room he has interviewed most of the famous vocalists and musicians who have visited Glasgow during the last twenty years, and his phonograph preserves records of their voices. In relation to his special subject, indeed, his name is probably the best known in this country. His name has also become famous in connection with the electric treatment of diseases. He has been much before the world as an investigator and expounder of the treatment of certain diseases by the Rontgen rays, Finsen's light, high-frequency currents, and kindred means. He is himself the inventor of some of the most effective appliances for the purpose, and is the designer and institutor of the new Electric Pavilion at the Royal Infirmary, where these new methods are in active and most successful operation.
    Upon his special subjects Dr. Macintyre is a frequent and welcome contributor to the leading medical and scientific journals, home and foreign, and succeeded the late Sir Morell Mackenzie as joint-editor of the British Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology, and Otology. He has been President of the Rontgen Society, and of the West of Scotland Branch of the British Medical Association, and twice President of the British Laryngological Association. He is also a Corresponding Fellow of the American Laryngological Association, and of the Société Francaise d'Otologie de Laryngologie et de Rhinologie. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and of the Royal Microscopical Society, and a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers.
    Apart from professional matters, Dr. Macintyre is a lay member and persona grata at the Glasgow art Club, where he finds the artistic company he enjoys. He was also for a number of years a supporter of the Royal Naval Artillery Volunteers, in which body he held the position of Staff-Surgeon, and he was a member of the committee which a few years ago induced the Government to review the Naval Artillery Force. At the close of the Boer War he took an active part in founding the Garscube Soldiers' Hospital for behoof of the men dying of consumption and other diseases brought on by the exposure of the campaign. Two years ago he was made an Honorary Associate of the Grand Priory of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England.

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