THE Treasurer of Glasgow School Board ranks among the oldest of the city officials, and no School Board treasurer out of London has passed more money through his hands. Born in Dunblane Parish, Perthshire, and educated at Kinbuck School and the Parish School of Dunblane, he began business life in the office of Mr. John Henderson, municipal rate-collector for southern Glasgow. There he remained till, five years later, he was appointed Custodian and Registrar under the Police Board. Upon the election of the first Glasgow School Board in 1873 he was appointed Treasurer, and he has held the position with satisfaction to all concerned since then. Some idea of the magnitude of his duties, and the enormous development which has taken place in his time, may be gathered from the following figures for 1874 and 1906:-

  Schools. Teachers. Officials. Expenditure.
1874 26 260 20 £19,784
1906 76 2,000 90 £487,000
The sum of £1,800,000 has been spent in providing schools.

The sum of £1,800,000 has been spent in providing schools.

    In 1899, on the occasion of the completion of his semi-jubilee as Treasurer, Mr. Macwhannell was entertained at dinner by the officials, teachers, and representatives of other public bodies, and was presented with handsome gifts for himself and Mrs. Macwhannell.
    Apart from his professional work, Mr. Macwhannell has been a Director and President of the Western Friendly Society, a Director and President of the Perthshire Charitable Society, and President of the Glasgow Sabbath School Teachers' Association. He has long been a leading elder in Glasgow Cathedral and he acted for twenty-one years as treasurer to the church. His recreations are bowls and whist. He has been President of Queen's Park Bowling Club, and one of the original members and President of the Clarinda Burns Club.

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