JOHN MANN junior

    WITH antecedents already detailed in the life of his father recorded above, Mr. John Mann, Jun., was born in Glasgow in 1863, and received his early education at Park School under Dr. W. F. Collier. His first intention was a career at the Scottish Bar, but upon the failure of the City of Glasgow Bank, in which his father was involved as a considerable shareholder, in 1878, he abandoned that purpose and entered his father's office. At the same time he pursued the arts curriculum at Glasgow University, and graduated M.A. He obtained the professional qualification of C.A. in 1886. To this he added some professional experience in London, before joining his father's firm, which then assumed the name of John Mann & Son.

    Within the past twenty years he has taken a vigorous interest in a wide range of professional and social subjects of current and vital importance. With a keen eye to the special opportunities open to chartered accountants for doing "laboratory work" in sociology and economics, he has taken part in organising on a sound business footing several interesting experiments in social reform. Among these are the Cremation movement, the Housing of the People as exemplified in the Glasgow Workmen's Dwellings Company, and Licensing as exemplified in the Public House Trust. He has spoken and written on all these subjects, his advocacy including many articles in the periodical press, and papers submitted to the Royal Philosophical Society of Glasgow, of which he is a Vice-President. He has acted as one of the Professional Examiners of the Chartered Accountants' Examining Board, and for many years has persistently advocated the extension of the scope of the professional subjects of the Examinations. Also, deeming most serious the neglect of a systematic commercial education of our young men after leaving school, he has thrown himself into the work of Glasgow Athenaeum Commercial College, of which he is now Chairman.

    Mr. Mann married in 1893, Margaret, daughter of the late Mr. James Henderson, timber merchant, Glasgow, and he has a family of three sons and three daughters.

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