THE Secretary of the Scottish District of the Lifeboat Saturday Fund was born in Glasgow in 1855, and educated at the University, where he distinguished himself in the classes of English Literature and Moral Philosophy. His business is that of shipping agent. Mr. Martin has always taken a strong interest in the intellectual and social improvement of the people, and was one of the founders of the Scottish Christian Social Union which has created Men's Clubs, for mutual improvement, throughout the city. He was also one of the promoters of the Labour Colony at Midlocharswood, Dumfriesshire. Mr. Martin is Convener of the Courts and Alleys Concerts Committee, which every year provides healthy and pure entertainment for thousands of the poorer citizens. As president for 22 years of Toynbee House Literary Society he has provided entertainment of light and leading in the North-eastern portion of the city, while for three years he was President of the Glasgow Ruskin Society, and is now chairman of the Scottish Society of Literature and art.
    For six years Mr. Martin was a member of the Glasgow Town Council, but the work which has brought his name chiefly before the public is that of the Lifeboat Saturday Fund. This movement he has organised throughout Scotland with splendid success, there being now few towns throughout the country which do not contribute handsomely to this most heroic and deserving of causes. Since he took up this work in 1891 a sum of nearly £60,000 has been raised in Scotland for the objects of the fund. In 1905 ex-Bailie Martin was presented at the hands of the Lord Provost, Sir John Ure Primrose, Bart., with a handsome silver tea set, and a diamond ring for Mrs. Martin, in recognition of his various public services. The subscribers included Lord Rosebery, Sir Samuel Chisholm, Bart., Mr. Leonard Gow, LL.D., and many leading citizens of Glasgow. His chief hobby is books, of which his library contains over 5,000 volumes. He is popular as a lecturer alike on literary and social subjects, in pulpit and on platform, and probably no citizen has lectured more frequently to young men's societies throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland during the last 20 years.

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