THE Member of Parliament for So. Armagh, who is a partner in the firm of J. & W. McKillop, proprietors of the Grosvenor and Royal restaurants in Glasgow, is a son of Daniel McKillop and Matilda Blair, of Antrim, Ireland and was born in 1860 at Dalry, in Ayrshire. He was educated at the Public Schools of Dalry and Catrine and for a time was a captain in the Royal Scots Fusiliers', but gave that up to enter commercial life. His firm held the contract for catering for the Glasgow International Exhibition of 1901, and possesses in the Grosvenor Restaurant a catering establishment unsurpassed for magnificence out of London. In 1900 Mr. McKillop was elected M.P. in the Nationalist interest for North Sligo, and in 1906, for So. Armagh. He has travelled in France and Spain, and, as an enthusiast for football, is a member of Queen's Park and Celtic Football Clubs. In 1889 he married the second daughter of the late George Fisher, Glasgow. She died in 1892, and in April, 1908, he married Miss Dalton, a sister-in-law of Mr. John Redmond. M.P., leader of the Irish party in Parliament.

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