ELDEST son of the late Deacon-Convener McLennan, this enthusiastic member of many Incorporations of the Trades' House was born in Glasgow, and educated at Glasgow High School and University. He served an apprenticeship first to the legal profession, but on the expiry of his indenture went to London to gain experience of mercantile work and fit himself to join his father's business. Before returning to Glasgow he set out on a tour of the world, and visited South Africa, India, Australia, and New Zealand. At Wellington, however, a cablegram intimating his father's death recalled him home. He and his brother then took charge of their father's business, purchased it from the trustees, and are now the sole partners of the firm - Alexander Bryce & Co., distillers and blenders. Mr. McLennan was also for some time a Director of Convalmore Distillery.

    Mr. McLennan joined the Merchants' House when his father became a director of that body, while in the Trades' House he is a member of the Incorporations of Hammermen, Maltmen, Wrights, Gardeners, and Bonnetmakers and Dyers. He was elected Visitor of the Maltmen in 1902. In 1906, and again in 1907, he was elected Collector of the Trades' House. Only once before, since the granting of the Trades' House charter, over three centuries ago, has a son followed a father in this post. He is also a member of the Anderston Weavers, has been a Director of the Old Men's Home, Rottenrow, and is a Governor of the Buchanan Trust. In addition to the tour already mentioned, he has travelled extensively on the Continent, has visited the United States, Canada, and Iceland, and has made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Cairo. In 1904 he again went round the world, visiting Mombasa, Zanzibar, South Africa, Australia, China, and Japan, and returned through the United States, by San Francisco and New York.

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