MRS. HELEN ELISE MIRRLEES, widow of the late James Buchanan Mirrlees of Redlands, has for many years taken a leading part in the charitable and philanthropic work of Glasgow. She has been President of the Young Women's Christian Association since its inception in 1875, and President of the Glasgow Union of Women Workers since its start as the Ladies' Association for the Care and Help of Girls and Women in 1884. Among many other societies which she has helped forward with a keen and energetic interest are the Scottish Mothers' Union, of which she is a Vice-President and County President for Glasgow, and the Girls' Guildry, of which she was President for its first three years. During the Glasgow Exhibitions of 1888 and 1901 she made it her special care to provide rest and recreation for the girls employed at the stalls, and she convened a large committee of ladies to help the lady superintendent specially engaged to be a friend and adviser to the girls, many of whom, as strangers in Glasgow, would have found themselves in sad difficulties and dangers but for this provision.

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