THE Town Clerk of Glasgow was born in 1858, and is a son of the late Mr. John Myles, J.P., Clerk of Lieutenancy for Forfarshire. He studied law in Edinburgh University, in 1879 he became a partner in his father's legal business in Forfar, and five years later was appointed Clerk of Supply of his native county. In 1889, after holding the posts of Treasurer of the County and Clerk of Supply, upon the passing of the Local Government (Scotland) Act, he became County Clerk of the County of Forfar, and he held this and a number of other important public appointments, such as Income Tax Clerk, Clerk of Lieutenancy, and Clerk of Secondary Education Committee, until he was chosen to succeed the late Sir James Marwick as Town Clerk of Glasgow, 12th October, 1905. He has made a special study of the subject of Local Government, and his services have frequently been requisitioned in connection with evidence before Parliamentary Committees, and in Local Government Board and other public enquiries.

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