THE Lieutenant-Colonel and Honorary Colonel of the late 1st V.B.H.L.I. is a son of the late David Edmund Outram, founder of the well-known firm of stockbrokers, and a nephew of the late George Outram, editor of Glasgow Herald. Brigadier Outram, the Bayard of India, was his father's cousin. He was born at Glasgow in 1857, was educated at Glasgow Academy and St. Andrews, and is by profession a chartered accountant and stockbroker. Hunting and golf are his recreations, and he has travelled in the Mediterranean and the West Indies. He is married to Johanna S. Alexander, and has no family. Colonel Outram entered the 1st L.R.V., as a private in 1874, transferred to what was afterwards the 1st V.B.H.L.I. in 1876, and became colonel in 1892.

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