A NATIVE of Glasgow, whence his father removed to be chaplain to H.M. Prison in Dundee, the Professor of Divinity in Glasgow University was educated at Dundee High School and St. Andrews University, and acted for a time as assistant to the Professor of Humanity in his alma mater. There also he brought out his "Songs for the use of St. Andrews Students." He was licensed in 1879, and began his career as assistant successively in Anderston Parish Church and in Glasgow Cathedral. In 1882 he was ordained minister of the parish of Balmaghie, in Kirkcudbrightshire, but in 1903 was appointed to succeed Professor Hastie in the Chair of Divinity at Glasgow. His published works include - "About Galloway Folk," "The Kirk above Dee Water," "Lost Habits of the Religious Life," "Books that help the Religious Life," "A Cameronian Apostle," "One of King William's Men," "Historic Significance of Episcopacy in Scotland," "A Scottish School of Theology," and "The Layman's Book."

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