HIS Majesty's Inspector of Factories for the Western District of Scotland naturally plays a very vital, if mostly silent, part in the affairs of a manufacturing city like Glasgow. Much of the improvement in the amenities of factory life, and consequent improvement in the vital statistics of the city, has been owed to the holders of this office.

    Mr. Robinson was born in York in 1857, his father being one of the Canons of York Minster. He was educated at Harrow and Oxford. In 1879 he was one of the University crew which took part in the Oxford and Cambridge boat-race, and at the end of the same year he took his degree. In 1882 he was appointed one of H.M. Inspectors of Factories, and was attached to the Glasgow District for three years and a half. Next, in 1886, he was placed in charge of the Dundee District, which at that time comprised the whole of Scotland north of the Tay. Nine years later he moved to one of the midland districts of England, with headquarters at Nottingham, and in 1901 he was transferred once more to Glasgow, where he still remains, and where his district includes, besides Glasgow itself, the counties of Argyll, Dunbarton, Lanark, Renfrew, and Stirling.

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