THE City Registrar was born in Yorkshire, 23rd April, 1851, and was educated inprivate schools in Yorkshire, at Glasgow Athenaeum, and Glasgow University. He started life in a shipping office, but decided on accountancy as a profession, and served for many years in the well-known office of Messrs. Thomson, Jackson, Gourlay & Taylor, C.A., Glasgow. After passing the necessary examinations, he was admitted in 1878 as a Member of the Institute of Accountants and Actuaries, Incorporated by Royal Charter. Five years later he was chosen as City Accountant by the Corporation of Glasgow, and in 1884 was appointed City Registrar under the Loans Act of 1883.
    The Loans Department of the Corporation then created has steadily increased in importance, and, outside the Bank of England, no bank or department charged with the duty of issuing, registering, and managing municipal loans, has placed an equal amount of loan money. From the outset the department secured the confidence of the investing public, and obtained the most favourable terms. The debt under the management of Mr. Robinson exceeds twelve millions sterling.
    Mr. Robinson was married in July, 1881, to Elizabeth Helen, daughter of the late Captain John McChlery, Senior, S.S. Princess Royal, by whom he has four sons. For 29 years he served in the ranks of the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers. He joined "E," 17th (Accountants) Company in 1870 as full private, and served in all the intervening ranks in that Company until he was appointed to command it, and retired with the rank of Captain and Honorary Major. During the whole period he was an enthusiastic volunteer, took part in every branch of the work, instituted the Regimental Gazette, and edited it for several years. He audited the accounts for some years, and reported on the regimental funds at the request of Col. Reid; but it was perhaps in connection with rifle shooting that Major Robinson was best known outside his regiment. As an individual and team shot both at home and at Wimbledon and Bisley, he obtained a considerable share of success. He had the honour of shooting for England in two of the International Twenty Matches, and for the County of Lanark, the University of Glasgow, and many times for his regiment. He commanded the regimental teams and the officers' team, and had the honour to be Captain of Glasgow University Rifle Team for some years. After Glasgow was created a County of a City, he secured recognition by the National Rifle Association of the right of Glasgow to compete for the China Cup, and having been elected the first captain of the City of Glasgow team, held the position for three years. He holds Queen's and St. George's Badges, and other mementoes of his volunteer career, of which he is justly proud. Major Robinson obtained first the Long Service Medal, and afterwards the V.D. This latter he received from the hands of the Commander-in-Chief, Lord Wolseley.
    Mr. Robinson was President of the Western Friendly Society in 1890. He is a member of the Merchants' House, a Cordiner, President of the Galloway Brotherly Society of Glasgow, and has been for over 20 years Honorary Secretary of the Widows' Friend Society of Glasgow.

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