OF Ulster descent on the father's side, and Ayrshire on the mother's, Dr. Sloan is the son of Samuel Sloan and Martha Fleck, and was born in 1843 in Glasgow, and educated in various schools in the city. He had no interest in school work, however, till he came under the influence of Dr. Low, and later of Dr. Bryce, both of the Glasgow High School, then in John Street. He had gone there to study classics and mathematics with a view to preparing for the ministry. He took second place in Latin, and was first of his year in Greek and in mathematics He studied medicine at Glasgow University, finishing as M.B. "with commendation" in 1866 and graduating as M.D., C.M. in 1870.
    After acting for two years as an assistant in Ayrshire he began practice in a busy east-end district of Glasgow, but removed to the west-end of the city a few years later. In 1875 he was appointed Assistant Physician to the Glasgow Maternity Hospital, afterwards holding for eight years the office of full Physician and Lecturer in Clinical Obstetrics, and he is now Senior Consulting Physician to the Hospital. In 1893 he was elected Consulting Physician to the Glasgow Samaritan Hospital for Diseases of Women, which office he still holds.
    Electrotherapeutics early claimed his attention. He has published numerous articles in the medical journals on Obstetrics and Diseases of Women, and on Electrotherapeutics, and has designed several instruments for use in these branches of medicine, including one for measuring Faradic currents for therapeutic use. He is a member of severallearned societies, is an Hon. Fellow of the Chicago Gynaecological Society, has been three times appointed. Examiner in Midwifery and Diseases of Women to the University of Glasgow, holding this office for, in all, ten years; has been Examiner for the Diploma of the Triple Board - Edinburgh and Glasgow - since 1888. He is Vice-President of the Electrotherapeutic section of the Royal Society of Medicine, London; was President of the Glasgow Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society, and Vice-President of the Glasgow Medico-Chirurgical Society. He was married in 1871, and has a family of four sons and four daughters. His principal recreations are cycling and photography.

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