CHIEF-CONSTABLE STEVENSON has been responsible for the maintenance of law and order in the city of Glasgow since April, 1902. An Irishman by birth, he acquired his experience in the semi-military force of the Royal Irish Constabulary. He joined that force in July, 1884, as District Inspector, and in the following year was appointed to the charge of a district. His tact, energy, and decision during the agrarian troubles in Cork and Donegal first brought him to the notice of the authorities, and the part he played in investigating the murder of District-Inspector Martin at Gweedore in 1889 marked him for promotion. He was transferred to Belfast in 1890. In 1894 his services in suppressing the Belfast riots were made the subject of very special mention. In 1898 also, and again in 1901, his activity in suppressing riot and conspiracy brought him into note, with the result that in the following year on the resignation of Chief-Constable Boyd, he was appointed to the command of the Glasgow force.

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