THE Secretary and Director of Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College is a. native of Ravensthorpe, Yorkshire, and was born 13th January, 1868. He received his education at Boothroyd School in Yorkshire, and throughout his career has been engaged on the secretarial work of great institutions. In 1889 he became Assistant-Secretary of the College of Science at Newcastle-on-Tyne, which forms part of the University of Durham, and two years later he received the appointment of Secretary. This position he held till 1899, when he was appointed Secretary to the Technical College at Glasgow. To his duties of Secretary he added those of Director in 1904. Mr. Stockdale, in 1894, married Helen, daughter of Mr. Andrew Steven, Newcastle-on-Tyne, formerly of Glasgow. He is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles on educational questions, and in his leisure at Helensburgh he enjoys the pleasures of gardening and cycling.

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