A MEMBER of the well-known firm of carpet manufacturers, whose ornate mill is one of the features of Glasgow Green, Dr. Templeton is a native of Paisley. He received his education at Glasgow High School and Glasgow University, and has not ceased throughout his life to take an active interest in academic subjects. He has long been acquainted with Dr. Andrew Carnegie, and it was at Knockderry Castle, Cove, Dr. Templeton's residence, that the famous millionaire met Lord Provost Chisholm, and intimated his intention to present 100,000 to the city of Glasgow for library purposes. Besides contributing frequently to the newspaper press, he has published several pamphlets, and a volume with the title, "A Layman's Mind on Creed and Church." He has also taken an active interest in the management of Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Blind Asylum, Weaving School and School of art.

    Dr. Templeton is a Justice of Peace for Dunbartonshire and a Deputy Lieutenant for the County of the City of Glasgow, and in April, 1908, Glasgow University recognised his services to the community by conferring upon him the degree of LL.D.

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