THE Governor of Barlinnie Prison is a native of Grange, in Banffshire. He is the son of Mr. Adam Thomson, of Croylet; was born in 1843, and received his education at the school of Edingight. He first entered upon the work of his profession in 1866 in Edinburgh Prison, where he remained ten years. In May, 1876, he was appointed Governor of the prison at Dunbarton, and seven years afterwards was transferred temporarily to the County Prison at Perth. Six months later Mr. Thomson was transferred to Inverness. Thence, in October, 1887, he went to Dumfries. During his ten years and a half of governorship there he effected many improvements, both in the buildings and in the administration of the prison, and established a reputation of being at once a rigid disciplinarian, and a real helper to those who could be helped. In 1898 he was advanced to the Governorship of Barlinnie. In May, 1903, His Majesty conferred upon Mr. Thomson a Companionship of the Imperial Service Order.

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