THE Professor of Chemistry in Anderson's College Medical School is a native of Glasgow, having been born at Parkhead, 31st May, 1859. He received his education at Parkhead Sessional School, Dennistoun Academy, Glasgow High School, and Glasgow University, where he graduated in 1882. He afterwards proceeded for purposes of special study to the Universities of Tübingen, Geneva, and Berlin, and he received his present appointment in Anderson's College in succession to the late Professor Dittmar, in 1889.
    In addition to his professional work, Professor Watson has taken a strenuous interest in politics. In 1893 he contested Mile-End Ward, and in 1895 the Bridgeton Division, in the Labour interest, and though in each case the effort was unsuccessful, he remains not less ardent a supporter of the cause he has at heart. He has taken an active part in the agitation for Tariff Reform, and for some time he has been engaged in writing a book on the subject.

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