7 Bute Mansions, Hillhead
Now 60 Hillhead Street

No occupants given until 1890

1890-92    McIntyre, T.W. (of Maclay & McIntyre, shipbrokers, 123 Hope Street)

1890-97    Miller, Douglas G., stock and share broker, 69 St. George's Place

1890-92    Mitchell, Alex. B. (of D.W. Barker & Co., umbrella manufacturers, 51 Miller Street)

1890-92    Strong, Capt. S.P., adjutant 2nd V.B.H.L.I., 12 Old Kelvinhaugh Road

1890-1904    Wilson, Richard J., F.E.I.S., head master, St George's Road School

1892-96    Moir, Charles S. (of Moir & Co., calico printers, 92 Union Street)

1892-1900    Paton, John, commission merchant & manufacturers' agent, 51 Buchanan St., later of John Paton & Co.

1897-1911    Govan, Wm. Peat, 180 W. George St., later of Archd. S. Govan & Co., iron merchants & McCrindell, Schaw & Co., commission merchants, 24 St. Vincent Place

1897-99    Hurll, Alex. (of Reichmann & Co., iron and steel merchants, iron brokers, coal exporters, 5 St. Vincent Place)

1898-1911    Fullerton, Mrs.

1899-1904    Wright, James, distillers' agent, 104 Bath St.

1900    Davidson, David, at Anchor Line (Henderson Bros.) Ltd., St. Vincent Place

1900-04    Wright, Mrs.

1904-05    Brown, Mrs.

1905    Patrick, Wm., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 4 Newton St

1906    McCallum, Hugh, M.A., lecturer on school method, The University

1911    Baxter, Peter MacLeod (of McKie & Baxter, boilermakers, shipbuilders, yacht & launch builders, Copland Works, Govan)

1911    Downie, A.M., B.Sc., A.M.Inst. C.E. (managing director, Duncan Stewart & Co. Ltd., plant & engine manufacturers, London Road Iron Works)

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