34 Dowanhill Street, Partick


No occupants given until 1895


1895-97    Flett, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 262 Dumbarton Road, Partick


1895-97    McDonald, Wm. John (Inland Revenue Office, 280 George St.)


1895-1902    White, W.


1898-1905    Sinclair, D.S. (at D. Stewart & Co. Ltd., engineers, millwrights, boilermakers, coppersmiths and founders, London Road Iron Works)


1899-1902    Leitch, Allan (of J. & A. Leitch, hat and cap manufacturers and warehousemen, 25-33 Hope St.)


1900-08    Nicoll, Walter, cashier (Alex. Murdoch & Co. Ltd., wine and spirit brokers, 74 Wellington St.)


1908    No occupants given until 1910


1910-12    Clow, Mrs. Jane


1912    No occupants given until 1914


1914    Hanley, D.


Next door to 32 Dowanhill Street       Across Lawrence Street to 44 Dowanhill Street (8 Lindsay Terrace)


Around the corner to 23 Lawrence Street (23 Hartington Gardens)


Across Dowanhill Street to 41 Dowanhill Street


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