19 Holyrood Crescent, North Woodside

No occupants given until 1862

1862-64    Peebles, Mrs. Charles

1863-64    Peebles, Alexander P.

1864-67    McGregor, James (of Allan C. Gow & Co., ship brokers, 87 Union St.)

1867    No occupants given until 1868

1868-73    Cochran, Robt. jun. (of Robert Cochran & Co., earthenware manufacturers, Verreville Pottery, 149 Finnieston St. & North Woodside Mills)

1873-75    Davidson, Thomas jun. (of Thomas Davidson jun. & Co., earthenware manufacturers, St. Rollox Pottery, tobacco pipe manufacturers, Caledonian Pipe works, 33-41 Garngadhill)

1875-77    Handyside, James B., Russian vice-consul, 203 later 211 Hope St. (of Thomson, Sterne & Co. Ltd., manufacturers of buffers & springs, consolidated emery wheels, smiths' engineers & machine makers, Crown Iron Works, North Woodside Road)

1877    No occupants given until 1879

1879-83    Smith, Andrew J., I.A, architect, 121 West Regent St.

1879-88    Smith, Joseph N. (of Smith Brothers, manufacturers' agents, & Smith, Curwood & Co., merchants & importers, 97 Bath St., later of J. Newbigging Smith & Co., cabinetmakers & upholsterers & general house furnishing warehousemen, 28 Jamaica St.))

1888-90    Clark, John, superintendent (British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., 203 W. George St.)

1890-91    Moeller, Hans H. (at Theodore Hertz, iron merchant, 166 St. Vincent St.)

1891    No occupants given until 1894

1894-1900    Stoddart, Francis (of Stoddart & Neilson, writers, 68 later 58 West Regent St.)

1900    No occupants given until 1901

1901-04    Hammond, Rev. George, Wesleyan minister

1904-07    Cook, Rev. A.W., M.A., Wesleyan minister, St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church, 20 Sauchiehall St.

1907-12    Watson, Rev. Richard W., Wesleyan Methodist minister, St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Church, 20 Sauchiehall St.

1912-13    Green, Rev. Frederick

1913    Milne, Rev. J. Napier, St. John's Wesleyan Church, Sauchiehall St.

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