18 Queen's Gate, Dowanside
Now 118 Dowanhill Street

No occupants given until 1902

1902-07    Henderson, David, shipowner (retired)

1907    No occupants given until 1910

1910-13    Garvie, Thomas H.

1913    No occupants given until 1914

1914    Walker, Alex., F.S.I., writer, lands valuation & registration of voters' assessor, & surveyor of assessments, City Chambers

Next door to 17 Queen's Gate (120 Dowanhill St.)    Across Dowanside Road to 19 Queen's Gate (104 Dowanhill St.)

Around the corner to 50 Dowanside Road (1 King's Gate)

Across the Dowanhill Street to 6 Queen's Gate (117 Dowanhill Street)

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