19 Queen's Gate, Dowanside
Now 104 Dowanhill Street

No occupants given until 1902

1902    Forbes, Rev. John Thomas, M.A., minister, Hillhead Baptist Church

1902-05    Herbertson, Charles H., stock & share broker, 92 St. Vincent St.

1902-05    Wilson, James, Bank of Scotland

1905-10    McFarlane, Duncan (of Reid, McFarlane & Co. Ltd., manufacturers of boiler & pipe composition, 58-60 Hydepark  St.)

1910    Dick, Charles S. (of Rowley & Dick, drysalters & oil merchants, 99-103 Bishop St., Port Dundas)

1911-14    MacNair, Duncan S. (of A.D. MacNair & Co. Ltd., curled hair manufacturers, Dalmarnock Hair Factory, Summerfield St. ; office, Allan St.)

1914    Thomson, Wm. A., F.R.I.B.A. (of John Baird & James Thomson, I.A., architects, 88 Bath St.)   

Across Dowanside Road to 18 Queen's Gate (118 Dowanhill St.)       Next door to 20 Queen's Gate (98 Dowanhill St.)

Around the corner to 6 Albert Gate (55 Dowanside Road)

Across the Dowanhill Street to 34 Queen's Gate (111 Dowanhill Street)

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